What an awesome, wonderful, inspiring, great, babazoomingatious anniversary! I love Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life!

Truth be told, I wasn’t really “into” the anniversary as I entered Ynares Stadium in Antipolo this morning. I have been mildly stressed and busy with so many other things – and one major thing – that I didn’t get much into the spirit of being festive. My team (tireless, inspiring, indefatigable team!) and I have been working on the STT June magazine, and though it didn’t come out today, it is so awesome, it is worth the wait until tomorrow. Promise. And…. it’s free.

So my family and I walked in past 9am, to reach Jepoy leading worship. And right there, I was already humbled by the fact that the day was going to be awesome. So many people already there even before me. And worshipping their hearts out. Just like how it should be.

After that, the exhibit booths were opened and we were treated to an international food fest. That was so wonderful! Tim Horton’s coffee followed me home. As well as European chocolates, and all those other yummy delicacies from around the world. You had to squeeze your way in through the crowds! At the same time, singing, dancing, and all these other fun games were going on. And the talent was flowing from everywhere.

When the band started playing songs to rouse the crowd – the crowd really responded! It was inspiring, to say the least!

The video doesn’t do it justice. But if you can imagine everyone in a packed auditorium singing I WILL SURVIVE, then you come close to the feeling being in there.

The program started and going through the 30 year history of the community was heartwarming. I got to share a bit as well, with my sister Vania. And we were able to do what so many people would love to do…. honor my parents for persevering and for keeping the charism of CFC alive in CFC FFL. It was a great privilege for us.

CFC FFL is not just a job. It is my life! My parents, my siblings, my own family, my friends… everything. And I thank God everyday for this great blessing.

The stories came, one after the other. The memories. The testimonies. Dad’s message of overwhelming love and vision. And then lifting up everything back to God who planted the seeds in the first place. With a 4-man-led praisefest, and a refreshing Mass.

(with Bishops Odchimar, Valentine and Reyes)

(with Bishop Valentine)

There really is no word to describe today. I came in distracted, and left INSPIRED. REFRESHED. CHALLENGED. HAPPY. VISION-FILLED…. no one word. Except babazoomingatious.

Thank you God for this day, and for 30 years. Thank you for the promise of 30 more (and beyond). We will be faithful to the charism you have given us!

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