My First Flooded and Stranded Experience

Yes I live in Manila. And yes it gets flooded all the time. And yes we have super typhoons on a regular basis. But I never experienced getting stuck in traffic – not moving – for hours at a time because of the typhoon.

Until last night. We finished school at about 6:30PM, with the rain battering the ground all day. We left the south, went on the Skyway and tried to exit on Makati Ave. And stayed there. One hour. Moved a bit. Another hour. Moved and passed cars with sleeping drivers. People walking barefoot in the rain. Seeing the flooded Paseo below us. Time moved so slowly. Good thing it only took us almost 3 hours to get out of the jam.

Went to McDo. And ate a Big Mac. Comfort food desperately needed.

Seriously though. We know typhoons come every year. Yet we have the same problems every year. Flooding. Rivers rising. Clogged canals. Is there really any excuse anymore? Even our President’s excuse doesn’t cut it. He keeps saying that he’s only been in office one year. And keeps blaming everyone else about the problems he is facing. Come on. Stop yapping, and start working.

If anyone had an employee who used that as an excuse “Oh I have only been here one year” or “It’s my predecessors fault”, they’d get fired.

Ondoy was a terrible tragedy. We may not stop the typhoon from dumping insane amounts of rain (like Falcon now), but we can do something to make sure the effects never happen again. I don’t want to be stuck in a car, on a flyover, in the rain for hours ever again. And I am sure people don’t want their houses submerged, nor do they want losing their loved ones and possessions, nor do they like the feeling of helplessness and fear.

We can all do our part. But it would be easier if the leader of our country was also doing his part by working….. oh no. See? Now I am copying him. I am complaining instead of working. Terrible.

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