The race is on for number 2

Last Thursday, 26 of us fulltimers went back to school. We all started on the road to a Masters Degree in Religious Studies. 3 years! And the school day is fun, but harsh. 3 classes of 3 hours each. We are in class from 8am to 6:30pm. Oh my. My 36 year old brain is in for a workout.

I am excited. I did one semester of Law ten years ago. And a couple of years ago, we did one year in Loyola School of Theology. We are just looking for the perfect fit. And we have found it now.

Our first three professors TEACH. None of that cutesy-patottsey stuff. They hit the ground running. And my hand (from all the writing) is suffering from my dependence on my laptop all these years. When did we stop writing and start typing anyway?

26 fulltimers in one class. I am 36. And I haven’t been in school for 14 years. The others are fresh out of College. I tell them that they are lucky to have this opportunity so soon in their career. To have the chance to get an MA. But I also tell them to be ready. Because number ONE is mine. They can all race to be number two. A little intimidation always helps.

Pray for us! Pray for our brains to soak up all the knowledge. Pray for our hands to write all that needs to be written. And pray for our hearts to help us live out what we learn.



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  1. That’s great Xavy! What a way to transform the heart and minds of young people polluted by the so called minds of some professors today! I believe your 36 year old brain will be encouraged by your very hungry heart for God’s truths! Nothing like the Word of God transforming us everyday! God bless! Kuya Lu

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