I am a member of CFC FFL. And it is our 30th anniversary.

My dad FOUNDED Couples for Christ in 1981 with 15 other couples (where are they now?). 30 years ago. And they have been fighting valiantly for families ever since. I joined late, in 1995 in Ateneo de Manila. I even became President of the youth group there. I went full time in 1997, and haven’t looked back.

I got married in 2006 to Des, a wonderful woman who even spent one year of her life in Zimbabwe for CFC. And now we have 3 awesome kids. Not old enough to be official members of CFC Kids for Family and Life, but who go to the assemblies and mess everything up anyway.

My best friends are here with me in the community as well. We all got married around the same time, are having kids at the same time, and hang out almost everyday – work, non-work, mission. Suffice to say, CFC is not only our community, it is our way of life.

And so, when I get emails ATTACKING us, then the protector in me springs into action. No one will attack my family and get away with it. Even though I don’t think 7 deluded people speak for their entire community, but those 7 are doing enough damage to their community, I can’t help but pray for my friends who are still there.

I could engage them in a war of words. And bring out the truth about all their wheeling and dealing over there. But then that makes me just like those 7. And I am not like them. I don’t care about position or power. And I don’t do things to be noticed. I just work. And work hard.

The best way to fight back, is to keep living the CFC charism. The true CFC way of life. Which I have found here, in CFC FFL. I will keep loving my family, and bringing the teachings of community into my family. I will keep being pro-life, speaking against those who seek to destroy families and lives. I will cement true bonds of friendship with people I work and serve with. My kids will grow up with other kids who love the Lord so much, and see it manifested at home.

And most importantly, I will keep spreading the message of God’s love to everyone. One person at a time. And this love is manifested by the lives we lead, inspired by those we see in CFC FFL. Happy 30th Anniversary Couples for Christ! We have many, many more years ahead! See you all this Sunday at YNARES GYM in Antipolo!


  1. Xavy, a word of encouragment! I am sorry you received those emails! My family has been touched, transformed, challenged and encouraged by such a loving community of which your family has fought for. When I got out of Steubenville, my biggest fear was facing the world in a profession that deals with people is such an intimate way where morals can be challenged especially in areas of life. However, I came home to a graduation party filled with people like the Hermanos, of course the Savages and many more from the community that showed God’s careful watch over me. I was thrilled. I came to Steubenville to really discern my vacation in life, it gave me a clear path supported by such a faith filled environment. CFC has provided that for me. The 100s of clp/cls in our basement, the conferences from around the country, the splits and of course the glorious rebirth of a community dedicated to Life and in defense of our Mother Church! Far from perfect because of the far from perfect people uses! But full of love, forgiveness, understanding and loyalty. I thank you for sacrficing much. For enduring the the criticisms. It is a new martyrdom to standup for God, standup for life and standup for the Church. The calling goes our to all but few are chosen. It is clear where your family stands and we support you and pray for you. I hope this may bless your day coming all the way from Illinois from one who is indebted to your family. God bless! A happy father’s day to Tito Frank who has answered the calling well! Kuya LU

  2. Sino yung mga 7? Sabihin mo sa akin, ako ang bahala sa kanila. LOL.

    You’re right, Xav. They’re not worth your time, you are head and shoulders above them (kahit na hindi talaga :-)) We always have to remember to see the LIGHTer side, diba?

    See you Sunday.

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