Theology of the Body Congress, Manila

We just finished the Theology of the Body Conference in De La Salle University. We (CFC FFL) teamed up with the TRED – DLSU for the whole day conference. The morning was held in the huge Yuchengco Auditorium, and it was PACKED! We had 2 speakers and a panel. All talking about TOB and current issues. Fr. Max, Fr. Joel, Dr. Angie, Atty. Chito and Fr. Dave did splendid jobs! And the explanations were varied and cut across all disciplines, so it was very fruitful.

In the afternoon, we split up into 3 workshop rooms to have 9 workshops! All with topics ranging from Parenting to Counseling to Vocations to Single-hood to Same Sex Attraction…. all topics for all types of people and states of life. Bp. Gabby, Fr. Arlo, Mimi, Francis and Debbie, Bob and Reena, Ansel, Dave, Pat all did amazing jobs as well.

And I am not being the least bit biased.

It was a great day focusing on Blessed John Paul II’s teaching on our bodies and how it reflects God’s love for us. Thank you, everyone for all the support! Here’s to making sure the message gets to more people.


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