36 things to do!

I am 36 today. Though I will technically be 36 later on at 5:07pm. People still do get surprised when they find out my age. A lot of people think I am fresh out of College (seriously.). Maybe it is because of the baby fat that never disappeared. Or my naturally fresh face and good nature. They get even more surprised when they find out I am married and have three kids (well, that surprises me, too).

36 is so much closer to 40 than 35 was. And though I think that age is nothing but a number, I do feel it. I know what I want. I know how to get it. And I am making my way there. But the body is not how it was when it was 21. I am xx pounds heavier (there was a time when I was actually fit and lean, you know). But then again, health is one of those things we should all work on, no matter how old.

So in celebration of my 36th year, here are 36 things I want to do before the rapture.

1. Go to India. doesn’t everyone want to go to India?

2. Go to Egypt. Pyramids!

3. Go to Israel. And do the whole pilgrimage thing.

… so is it all “go to…”

4. Go to Batanes

5. Eat balut (yes, I didn’t eat it during the contest.. but one day, I will)

6. Ride a jeep by myself (umm ok)

7. Find those abs that are hidden

8. Have a house

9. Hug the Pope

10. Be a politician (even 1 term lang)

11. See an Olympics finals, live

12. Build up the media work

13. Walk my kids down the aisle / into the convent or seminary

14. Have a family vacation in Palawan

15. Learn how to cook

16. Bring Tim Horton’s to the Philippines

17. Join Survivor

18. Join Amazing Race with Des (that would be a riot!)

19. Bungee jump (does the Bohol jump count?


20. Put up another International Leaders Meeting / Forum / Tour

21. Have a successful secular magazine that won’t have naked people in it… or sex tips.

22. See abortion il-legalized worlwide

23. Be a lay minister

24. See CFC FFL be in all countries in the world

25. Learn a new language (computer languages included)

26. (I’ll keep this one a secret for now)

27. Hear an apology from all those people who have lied about my family… don’t worry, I’ll accept your apologies.

28. Open a book shop / library (maybe when I get Tim Horton’s to come over)

29. Start a school (Padilla University)

30. Live long enough to celebrate Des and my 50th Anniversary (45 years to go!)

31. Swim in a cage with sharks swimming around

32. Learn Final Cut Pro and Motion

33. Go back to Africa with my family (Egypt doesn’t count)

34. Sleep over in Malacanan… either as a guest or as the resident

35. Be a better newscaster

    (shameless plug. No laughing allowed)

36. Never stop laughing, smiling, seeing the good in everything.


  1. Happy birthday, Xavy! Way to go on your 36th year… God bless you and hopefully, wish #36 is not that far to reach…We wouldn’t be surprised to see more of you (in media, internet, etc) in the years to come…Warm regards from Toronto! Tito Francis and Tita Therese

  2. Your bucket list? Age is just a number… You are as young as you feel. Happy Birthday! You are on your way to a long life because of what you.do. Keep up the good work!

  3. I love item 6. Wanted to see you do that.
    Surprise at item 23. Akala ko ang pangarap mo lang ay item 10. But I know you’ll be a good and faithful lay minister 🙂
    And I will definitely send my (future) kids to the Padilla University, for sure! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Kuya Xavy! You’re so lovable and funny and life of the party, it’s so hard to miss your birthday! hehe Add to that the super inspiring (in all aspects), caring and down-to-earth attitude you have.
    May the Lord grant your heart’s desire and much more!

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