X-Men First Class

Now that was a cool movie.

I like the fact that the beginning they used was the same as the very first X-Men movie. It shows continuity with the rest of the series.

They picked interesting characters for the first X-Men class, not really following the comic book. But Banshee and Havok are good choices. Darwin will be back if they have a second one. He is supposed to attack Karakoa.

I like the back story of Mystique. A friendship with Professor X, and he search for love with just about everyone (which followed all throughout the other X-Men movies too). Do you know that she ends up with Azazel and their child is Nightcrawler?

The Hellfire Club was cool, but that isn’t really Sebastian Shaw’s power. He can absorb energy, but it comes out as strength and none of that blast-y stuff. Riptide is a Marauder, actually. He lived in the sewers. I think their Angel is a new character.

When you read comics and see Professor X, you forget about how painful his past would have been. This was a nice reminder. I don’t see how Moira and Banshee can end up together now that he is half her age.

Loved the movie. Is there going to be another one?



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