Latin Mass

 (I got this picture from the internet, but this was the same place where we heard Mass this morning: Assumption Grotto in Detroit)

Last Sunday, I wrote about the musical Mass that we attended (here). This morning, friends from Real Catholic TV invited us to attend a Latin Mass. We stayed up late last night because we attended an all-American house party (complete with pizza, brownies, Coke, ping pong, Scene It, Apples for Apples and a lot of white people), and so almost missed Mass. Good thing it was nearby… I didn’t want to walk in late for Latin Mass. Well, for any Mass.

Entering the Church was already different. The smell of incense pervaded the whole place. And the singing was beautiful. Not Broadway singing, but nice Church singing.

Everything you hear about the Latin Mass happened. The priest facing the altar. Everything in Latin – except for the homily. Kneeling to receive communion (on the tongue, and not the hand). I accidentally put my hands on the “kneeler” at the front of the Church. You are supposed to put it under the cloth covering the “kneeler”. Good thing Tinay nudged me before the priest came over to me.

What a refreshing (as Chinka put it) change. From our on-stage singer priest the Sunday before. This was what I was looking for. Solemn. Serene. Focused. No nonsense. Just focusing on the SACRIFICE of the Mass.

Next time, though. I would bring a Missal to be able to follow better what is going on. Or maybe there can be an English Latin-type Mass. Maybe that’s a good step from the Mass we are used to towards the Latin Mass type. I think people would appreciate it.

Our faith and culture is being watered down with people attending Mass just because they have to. Not participating. And leaving right after communion (receiving it by hand, popping it in their mouth without even reflecting on what they are doing). Maybe there is some reason why there is a resurgence of these traditional Masses. People want to feel the awesomeness of it all. We want to see, feel, smell, taste, hear Jesus there PHYSICALLY with us. Because that what is the Eucharist is. Jesus, Son of God, PHYSICALLY THERE with us. And when you realize that (or re-realize it, because we know that in our heads), then it changes everything.

I love being Catholic. And I am fighting for Catholicism against everything that seeks to destroy it.


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