Last Sunday we had a treat. There’s no way for us to go to New York and watch a Broadway show, so it was brought to us. The priest at the Mass we went to practically sang the whole Mass. I can’t say I am overly conservative, and I would actually like to attend a Latin Mass – especially when it is sung… but this was different. It was more of Broadway than solemn. I kind of felt that he wanted to be more of a star, maybe he is a frustrated singer.

I half-expected dancers to come out and perform.

I guess I am getting more and more conservative. The Eucharist is important. It reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus did for us. And I know that people do not understand that nowadays – and even find the Mass boring and just something they have to do as an obligation… but there are different ways to change that.

I think explaining the Mass and the beauty of the sacrifice of the Mass will get people to be awed and inspired to attend. We don’t need to resort to other things that can distract us from focusing on what is truly important. Because then we get used to those things, and when we are faced with “the Mass”, then we will end up even more bored than usual. And that would be sad.


  1. My sentiments exact Xavy! In fact mass should be center to our conferences and not the praise fest. In most other movements like marian and charimatic conferences, it is ended with a beautiful mass. Every mass is beautiful but the liturgy is well thought out as well as the music selected. Less about our feelings and more on God. God bless your stay in the states. Kuya LU

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