I watched Thor yesterday. I just have to watch all the Avenger movies before the big Avenger movie comes out. They’ve had hits like Iron Man and misses (twice!) like The Hulk. No wonder they won’t have a movie for the Wasp or Scarlet Witch. But I wonder which team of Avengers they will feature.

Anyway, the movie did not disappoint. I never liked the Thor comic books – I didn’t get the whole Mjolonir-hammer thing. I though having mutant powers was much cooler. And the Norse god-speak was off. But the movie was fun, fast paced and action packed!

I was surprised it was directed by Kenneth Branagh. That’s probably why it didn’t suck. There was probably some theater and stage influence in the movie. Good job.

The funny part was that when Thor comes out shirtless in one scene, the whole theater was so quiet. Like you could hear a pin drop. I need to go on a diet. How old is Chris Hemsworth? Do I still have a chance to get fit like that?

And that’s the downside of the movie, isn’t it? Thor was good, but everyone wants to be Chris Hemsworth.

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