Good job, Boston Rob

If you know me, then you know I have my favorite Reality Shows. Like Amazing Race (congratulations, Jen and Kisha!) and my MOST FAVORITE, Survivor. I have been watching it for 22 seasons now (11 years!). Since the first one in Borneo. I watched it on numerous TV channels, and now, since it is so hard to catch on TV, I watch it on YouTube. A few minutes after it airs in the US.

There are some seasons you just love, and there are some I just didn’t really follow as intently. This season is great!

Two of the best players came back with new castaways. Russell was a big disappointment because he got voted off right away. But Rob is doing an amazing job. He got his alliance together, and his whole tribe never even thought of voting him off.

He started off as a villain in Marquesas. He was even more of a villain in All Stars, but made it to the end (lost to his now-wife, Amber). Came back cast as a Villain in Heroes vs Villains, but ended up heroic. And now in Redemption Island, he is the hero of the tribe.

The finale is this Sunday. And this is Rob’s season to win it all. Good luck!

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