Kaos at Resorts World

Sabine and I got to watch Kaos last night at Resorts World Together with my parents and Josh (and a whole bunch of Padillas). I only got to bring her because she is almost 4. 3 years old and below are not allowed to watch the show (Aida was very upset).

First we had dinner at the Chinese restaurant (I can’t remember the name). I am not a fan of Chinese food, but there are better dishes out there. The Hainanese chicken that we order from Makati is much better.

And apparently you can smoke in the mall. What a disappointment. They encourage kids to go to the show, and then while walking around the mall you get hit with all this second-hand smoke. Terrible.

Kaos was good. I loved the acrobats, magic, and other stunts. I actually thought it was all stunts and pizzazz. But there was a lot of dancing, singing and talking. I didn’t really like that all too much. The storyline could have been faster, and the production numbers could have been grander for such a big stage. Maybe it is the Miss Saigon / Rent / Les Miz influence in me, wanting more.

All in all it was a good show. And for my almost 4 year old who whispered in my ear: “I love this”, it was more than enough.

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