The community of believers was of one heart and mind

The only way to combat functionalism and fragmentation is to be of one heart and mind. As Catholics, we take on the heart and mind of God through the experience of Jesus. What would Jesus do? What should we, as Catholics, do? We just need to look to His example, His teachings and His love to know.

Just like in my community – CFC FFL – to be able to know where we should be going, we need to look to our founder as well. Know his heart and his mind. Know what he sees for the community, and how he wants to get there. It is beautiful because he is such a prolific writer, so everything is written down! We just need to read. And, he is also still with us! So if you have questions, just ask.

I am not confused as to what I see in CFC FFL. I am blessed to see whole families serving the Lord. And it is even more of a blessing when we see servant-leaders AND their families serving together. You see the stake they have in community. That it isn’t just a job or career, but it is a community they are investing their lives – and the lives of their families – in.

God bless you dad, for your vision and you desire to bring more people to Christ. And God bless us in CFC FFL as we move towards the celebration of 30 years! May this June be the start of a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we strive to renew families and defend life – not only in words – but in how we serve with our families and how we live our own lives in Christ!

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