Oh to be Blessed

Last week we were all treated to the spectacle of William and Kate’s wedding. The clothes, the grandeur, the outrageous (and come on, ugly) hats, the jewelry and the “expensiveness” of it all. Everyone in luxury cars and carriages. Hundreds of years of history.

Yesterday we were all treated to the love and beauty of Pope John Paul II’s beatification. How much he has touched the lives of millions around the world. Millions of people flocking to the Vatican just to be in his presence again. How he interceded for the healing of Sister Marie Simone-Pierre of Parkinson’s – Blessed John Paul II knew what it was like to have that illness.

I was glued to the TV yesterday for hours watching the proceedings. It was thousands of years of history, God’s majesty and the grandiosity of our faith. Seeing how we can all emulate and follow the example of one man – who himself emulated and followed Jesus.

Oh to be Blessed like him. And like all the Servants of God, the Venerables, the Blesseds and the Saints before him. Who says we have no more good role models? We have thousands of them in the Church! Just peel your eyes off gossip columns and websites – and see the true people we should all be following.

Thank you Blessed John Paul II for your example, and for leading us always to Jesus.

“Do not be afraid. Swing open the doors to Christ!”


  1. I remember the same thing happened when Princess Diana died than immediately Mother Theresa I think in a matter of a day. It was like God showing the difference from one who followed the world’s standards to one who gave her life to God. Is there an official delegation going to Madrid for world youth day this year? If there is may I have some information. It has a been a long time dream. Thanks
    Kuya Lu

    1. Hi kuya Lu!

      Yes, we have an official delegation to WYD. We are just in the process of applying for visas. But it is from Manila. I don’t know if the USA is forming a delegation too.

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