Embrace the cross.

Day 39


AM Day 39 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 39 of 40 Days with Job

Financial Stewardship part 3: Funding for Mission 

Embrace the cross.

There is a popular slogan (very popular a couple of years ago, with wrist bands and t-shirts) that says: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? When faced with a question or a choice, we ask ourselves what Jesus would do, and then do that.

A good question for me, before ending these 40 days, would be: WOULD I DO WHAT JESUS DID?

Would I walk and preach the Gospel even if people hated me and disagreed with me everywhere I went?

Would I speak for hours on the truths of God’s love and mercy?

Would I fast for 40 days (without cheat days)?

Would I forgive those who betray me, wash their hands off me, deny me?

Would I die a painful and agonizing death for you?

I say I am a Christian. And I love Jesus and everything about Him. And I ask myself what He would do, so that I may do it, too. But would I actually do what He did?

Would you?

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