A full tithe.

Day 37


AM Day 37 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 37 of 40 Days with Job

Financial Stewardship part 1: A God Who Hates

A full tithe.

Since I started working, I have been giving a 10% tithe. I am not saying that here to be mayabang. I am saying it here to show that it can be done.

Of course, the years when I was single, it was easy. I didn’t spend on anyone else but myself. Eating out, phone bill, coffee here and there, gadgets. So how could I not give back to the Lord?

Now, married with three kids. Have a place of our own where we pay for all the utilities, grocery (AGH!), and all those miscellaneous expenses that just pop up out of nowhere – it can still be done. Des and I make it a point to give our tithe.

Sometimes we have to give at the end of the month because we used up money for miscellaneous expenses, but we make it a point to give. God has given us so much – and that is enough reason in itself. We do not even look forward to what we will get in return. Our marriage, our family, our home – those are already gifts enough for us.

It can be done. It may mean selling some extravagances here and there. Or scrimping on things you don’t really need – and so it ends up cleansing you as well. But it can be done.

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