Examples of Servant Leadership.

Day 35


AM Day 35 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 35 of 40 Days with Job

Chapter 6 of Servant Leadership

Examples of Servant Leadership.

The book Servant Leadership, in the last chapter, highlights different people who are good examples of such. Like Moses, Joshua, Job, Judith, Paul, etc (buy it on Amazon!).

But we can find people we know who are good examples of Servant Leadership as well.

Pat who is sincere and hardworking. Joseph who is lighthearted and empowering. Cocoi who is passionate and martyr-like. Frank who is intense and a visionary. Marie who is steadfast and solid. And so many, many more. People who I work with. Live with. Hang out with. All these people who show me how it is to be a Servant Leader. And they do so, without even meaning to do it.

I salute you all. And know that I am following your example. Whether you are aware of it or not.

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