Day 33


AM Day 33 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 33 of 40 Days with Job


People say that if you are not being persecuted or oppressed in your life, then it means Satan doesn’t see you as a threat. And so he doesn’t do anything to deter you from your work.

So am I being persecuted and oppressed? The initial reaction would be to deny it, and to even shun it. Who would want to be persecuted? Who wants to undergo difficulties in life? Everyone wants an easy life, with no major obstacles – especially when it comes to health and family.

But when you loom at it spiritually, then YES, I should be oppressed! It means I am doing good for God, and evil is scared and intimidated that I am doing many things. And if I am not, then what should I STILL be doing to get that oppression?

I won’t go through my oppressions and persecutions, but I can say that they are there. Maybe not from outside forces, but even from within myself. And they are difficult to deal with! Persecution and oppression are not easy things to deal with. But we do it for the Kingdom.

I am scared to ask for more – but if more of it means that I am also doing more for God – then bring it on.

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