Look up

Day 32



AM Day 32 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 32 of 40 Days with Job


Look up!


We are taught to look ahead. Always look ahead. Make goals, plans, strategies in order to get ahead. SWOT analysis, etc etc. All to make sure we get ahead in this life.


We are also taught to look at the past, but not to be ruled by the past. Learn from our mistakes.


We are told not to look down, because that shows insecurity and being unsure. We have to be confident and unafraid.


And sometimes, we end up looking sideways. Looking at what our competition is doing. And this can take much more of our time than actually looking ahead.


But are we ever encouraged to look up? That, for me, is the most important. Looking up to our Father who has a wonderful plan for us – a plan more extravagant than any of our looking-forward plans. A Father who knows our past and loves us in spite of it – so we can look back in repentance and forgiveness, instead of shame. A Father who knows our hurts and sees our heart – so he can lift our chin up when we start to look down upon ourselves.


When we look up at our Father, and offer Him everything… there really is no need to look anywhere else.


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