Speak the truth at all times.

Day 31



AM Day 31 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 31 of 40 Days with Job


Speak the truth at all times.


There was that movie with Jim Carrey where he had to tell the truth at all times. Is it really so difficult?


When you are late to a meeting, is it difficult to say that you are just leaving your house?

When you are out with friends instead of going home early, is it difficult to say so?


So on and so forth. We have all these little white lies that we say on a daily basis. And somehow, we were taught that little lies are ok. And sometimes they are needed in this life. But are they? How do those little un-truths chip away at our character and morality, until we don’t see the big lies as that big?


But anything not in the light is not of God. And even the littlest gray areas will be spit out. Live in the truth at all times.


So tell me when you are late that you woke up late, left the house late and so are stuck in horrendous traffic. We will adjust.

I will tell you that I am having coffee with my friends after a long day at work, instead of going home right away. I’ll even bring home some cake.


The truth can hurt, and it does hurt most of the time. But it will set you free. And living in truth is better than living a lie.


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