Day 30



AM Day 30 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 30 of 40 Days with Job


Seeing. Children make us see as God sees. They see the good in us, and they always trust us. When they stop trusting you, then they are growing up. Even if you clown around, kids see what is still good. And we should be like that as well. We should always see the good in people – even if they aren’t doing anything good.


My 3 kids remind me of this everyday. When they see me as their perfect dad, amidst all my many imperfections. And I can see others that way as well. And maybe that will take away my own imperfections as well.


God sees all of us as made in His image and likeness. And even if we clown around and choose to do no-good, he still sees what is good in us. We need to bring that out more as we live everyday.


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