Active membership.

Day 29



AM Day 29 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 29 of 40 Days with Job

Chapter 5 of A Covenant with God


Active membership.


I’m never too busy. Ever since I decided that CFC FFL was the community for me in 1997, I’ve been active ever since. I never laid low. I never said that I needed a break. I attended everything, and still do.


Sure, it was much easier when I was single. I would go to Lucena one day, back to Manila, and then back to Lucena again. I would drive to Albay, then after drive to Sagada. I could be in meetings all day, all night and then go out for snacks. And do it all again. Or maybe I could do all that because I was younger?


When I got married, Des and I still were able to go to a lot of meetings. Less outings and late nights, though. But meetings and meetings. Assemblies and conferences. When Des stopped working fulltime for CFC FFL, we had to cut attendance in meetings and assemblies that we didn’t have to attend.


Then the kids came – 1, 2 and now 3. So yes, our time is even more limited now. We cannot be out every single night. We have to spend time as a family, with each child individually, and have time as a couple as well – and our own personal time.


But we never compromised on what we were committed to do. We still attend our household. Our assemblies – chapter, seniors and general. We still volunteer to do things beyond our work (I am a fulltimer, Des is not). And we still attend conferences, assemblies, trainings, rallies, etc etc. It can be done.


I can’t say for sure, but having young kids is more tiring than having older kids. Older kids, you can leave them and come back for them. Young kids, you have to run after them. But we make it happen. And God blesses what we do.


So active membership? Definitely yes. There really is no other way. It keeps you sane, and on the right track.  It helps you when you waiver, and picks you up when you stumble. And scheduling? It all fixes itself one way or another.


Time to get some rest. Have a busy week ahead!


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