Day 26



AM Day 26 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 26 of 40 Days with Job




Almost 4 years ago, we were blessed with our eldest daughter. Almost 2 years ago, we were again blessed with our youngest daughter. Now, we have our son. And I have said again and again that the heart doesn’t get crowded. It expands and expands. And there is always room for more. 🙂


Sabine has become very attuned to other peoples’ feelings. She knows when you are feeling bad, or if you are having some issues. She feels your pain. She defends her siblings with a passion. Aida is more independent. She can stand on her own and be on her own. She can be very sweet but watch out for her fiery personality!


I can only wonder how Franko will be. Somewhat like his sisters? Or someone totally different? He already is showing how different he is. He can sleep for hours at a time, but when awake, he can’t stay still!




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