Why are you doing what you are doing?

Day 22



AM Day 22 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 22 of 40 Days with Job

Chapter 4 of Servant Leadership


Why are you doing what you are doing?


Ever stop to think about that? Why do you work where you work? Why do you live where you live? Why do you hang out with your friends? Why are they your friends?


We get so used to things, that we forget to ask ourselves – reflect – why we are doing things. I know why I am a missionary. I have a call from God that I heard clearly in 1997. And I am still doing that now. When I get confused – I go back to that call, and it gives me renewed vigor.


When we forget, that’s when we get tired. When we start to do less, and complain more. When we forget, that’s when we start slipping and sliding – doing things we shouldn’t be doing. And all those have effects on us for a long time.


So we shouldn’t forget. And we won’t forget if we are ALWAYS connected to Him. Easier said than done, I know. It is easy for me to pray when I wake up before my family. And when the laptop is off. If the kids are awake before me, there is no more quiet time. If I decide to check my email, even for a bit, I get stuck and time flies. But we MUST know that the only way to remember and to be secure in our calling – is to ALWAYS be connected.


And then our traits will follow – being humble, being faithful, having integrity (saying what you mean; doing what you say); being holier while at the same time knowing you are unworthy for all these. These will naturally flow when you are truly connected to Him. There is no other way to live, when you know you are living for something greater. Oh, don’t forget, that with all that comes joy in suffering as well. It’s part of the package!


Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Why you are part of your community. Why you are a Catholic. And not only remember, but live it out. And you can ONLY do that properly if you are connected to Him.


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