Speaking up

Day 20



AM Day 20 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 20 of 40 Days with Job


Speaking up.


I am a shy person. Extremely shy! When I was younger, I could go on for hours without saying a word. In school, I would be terrified to recite. And I would be shaking in my boots when there was any kind of recitation in class. Especially if they called on people who hadn’t recited yet… and that was always me.


So, that made it impossible for me to speak my mind. Give my input, or even correct other people. I could hardly find my own voice, how could it be possible for me to correct someone else? I didn’t have the courage to speak up.


But miracles happen everyday. And some miracles you have to work on. When I became a missionary in 1997, I HAD to speak up. How could you spread God’s Word if your mouth is shut all the time? I’ve spoken to small groups and huge gymnasiums. I’ve given my input and comments, and have debated at times. I have corrected people, and have been corrected as well. And all this has made me a better person.


Though all of it shouldn’t stop. Sometimes we get tired of speaking all the time, especially if we think no one is listening. Or we stop correcting, because we always put our relationships under strain. Or we stop giving comments, because they are shot down now and then. But it shouldn’t stop. Because there are still people out there who are yearning to hear our voice. The voice of truth, and the voice that proclaims that there IS A GOD, and that God loves them very much.


I still get very nervous before giving any kind of talk. I get butterflies in my stomach… so huge that I get nauseated and sometimes, even a bit of stomach problems. But I choose to overcome them to use my voice. A voice that I had to find and fight for. And a voice that God will use for His greater glory!


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