5 more days

Day 19



AM Day 19 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 19 of 40 Days with Job


5 more days…. until we finally meet our baby boy. I still have to pinch myself! I have three kids! That is amazing to me. I watch my two daughter play and laugh. And see their personalities more clearly as they get older. One is kind, sensitive and talkative. The other is headstrong, quiet and wants to get her way. They are total opposites!


I got to reflect, after watching the news about the 3 pinoys killed in China, about how many people are anti-death penalty but pro-abortion. What’s the difference? You are killing people, either way. It really breaks my heart hearing about people killing their unborn babies. It’s truly a crime. Especially when you see how beautiful a baby will be if given the chance. How infectious their laughter. How heart-melting their smile. It is unthinkable how people can be so selfish to only think about themselves.


In 5 days, we welcome our baby boy into this world. We will teach him the right way to go. And we will show him the right examples. But it would be a better place if the people around him did the same thing, too. We can only wish that it will happen sooner.


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  1. Hi Xavy, I am glad you commented on the executions in China. It really bothered me too how the media and society in general was quick to defend people who possibly committed a crime yet blind to the issue of abortion. Maybe it’s a good time for the prolife movement to also illustrate that prolife defends all for forms of life and no one has the right to take another’s. God bless and congratulations! I pray for a healthy delivery for baby and mother.

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