Day 18



AM Day 18 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 18 of 40 Days with Job




The heat in Manila has been suffocating the past few days. And I believe it was extremely sticky and hot last night. I could hardly move without breaking into a sweat. And the electric fans would only circulate the warm air. Summer is definitely here.


It’s a good thing that Summer and this heat only lasts a few days within the year. What more if we had to undergo suffering, heat and fire for all eternity? Just magnify what the circumstances were last night a million-fold!


But God is an awesome God. He watches us strive to fulfill our covenant with Him. And He accepts us when we make mistakes. So even if we deserve the everlasting scorching heat, we still have the opportunity to evade it.


I need a good confession 🙂


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