A crime against humanity

Day 16



AM Day 16 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 16 of 40 Days with Job

Chapter 3 of A Covenant with God


A crime against humanity.


I have two beautiful daughters. One is 4, and the other one will be 2 in less than a month. They trust me with their lives. They sometimes climb the small table we have, and when I pass by… they JUMP! Expecting me to catch them, whether I am looking or not. Or they push me off the bed, and when I lose my balance, they jump on me while tumbling to the floor. I have to make sure I land on the floor first to cushion them from hitting the ground. They know that when they run off into the grocery, that I will find them. They know that when they are hungry or thirsty, I will have something for them to eat or drink. They know when they fall asleep anywhere, when they wake up, they’ll be safely in my arms.


And that’s why I find the video above so heart-rending and painful. Kids trust us COMPLETELY. They believe we have no ill-will towards them. They will do whatever you tell them to do. And when you teach them the wrong thing, then you are committing a great crime against humanity.


Who in their right mind would teach a five year old how to dance like a stripper? And then put him on national TV for all the world to see. Laugh and jeer at him. Ignore his crying and whimpering. And have him do it again and again and again. Is any amount of money worth it?


Is Willie at fault for not stopping the shenanigan? Are the producers at fault for putting him on the show? Is the audience at fault for laughing and cheering him on? Is the aunt at fault for screaming with delight in the sidelines? Are the parents at fault for allowing all this to happen? Do they even know?


It breaks my heart that adults will allow minors to do this. Or human beings will allow other human beings to do this. And all for money? If only our government, NGOs, private companies, foreign donors would do something to stop corruption and provide work; instead of just pushing condoms, pills and abortion. There’s a whole world of opportunity out there to help people. So they don’t have to take advantage of their children.


Am I now at fault for watching this video and not doing anything about it? No. I am taking the first step, and that is speaking up. And more steps to follow when we continue to evangelize and proclaim God’s love to all the ends of the Earth. That way, when people start living out their True Nature, we won’t have to bear watching five year olds dance like strippers on national TV.


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  1. Then we wonder why we have so many societal ills. We have sold our children’s youth for a couple of dollars and a laugh. Who will be laughing when this boy finds himself doing this same thing when he is 18. Thanks Xavy for making a stand. This is part of living out pure! Purity of heart and mind. Purity preserved and defended. God bless you.

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