Filipinos! Unite under God for LIFE!

Day 13



AM Day 13 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 13 of 40 Days with Job


Filipinos! Unite under God for LIFE! Today is going to be a wonderful day. It is the Feast of the Annunciation. Where Mary was told she would conceive a child. This is 9 months before December 25 – Christmas. So we are celebrating the fertilization and not the implantation [wink].


It is also the Day of the Unborn. And also the day we show the Philippines, and the world (especially those who are funding the “RH Bill leads to abortion” drive in the country) that we stand for LIFE, and we will FIGHT FOR LIFE.


But more than rallying, we have to be sure we are right with God. That we are doing this FOR HIM, and not for our own personal gain. Bishop Tagle mentioned this in his homily last Wednesday. Because if we are not right with Him, then for what are we doing all these things? We need to be aligned to God, so we know why we are fighting, and we will not lose hope, steam nor confidence that He is in control.


And aligned with being right with God, we have to be just with others. What use is it to be right with God, and then scream at people and wish negativity on them. Definitely difficult especially when you see how harassed and how we are treated in the media. But we have to be better than that, and we have to be just. We actually should also serve others, no matter how painful it gets, or how tired we may be.


This is a great time for the rally. The Annunciation. The Day of the Unborn. And all within Lent. Being right with God, being just with others, and serving people even through the pain.


See you all in Luneta.


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