My faith defines me!

Day 11



AM Day 11 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 11 of 40 Days with Job


I am treating myself to a “cheat” this Lent. I am going to do two reflections today. So I can catch up on the days. This will make me one day behind. And other than that, something entered my head last night and I haven’t shaken it off. I day-dreamt that someone told me that their religion doesn’t define them. That they can believe what they want, because it is separate from who they are (maybe it was Damaso Celdran himself? But then that would have been a nightmare).


Well, I don’t agree with that. My faith defines me!

When you believe in a Father who can do anything for you, and is willing to do everything for you, then you live a life of confidence and bravery. When you have a best friend / brother who lived a life like yours, and sacrificed His own life for you, then you know the path you should take as well. This gives you direction and purpose. And when you have the Power to take on anything that comes your way, then you have strength and resolve!


So, how can your religion NOT define you? It gives you the awesome characteristics that make you a better human being! My faith defines me. And when I stand in awe in the presence of God, He will see me as His son. Someone who is doing his best to live a life in accordance to His will and His example – using His Inspiration on a daily basis.


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