Be obedient!

Day 10



AM Day 10 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 10 of 40 Days with Job


Be obedient! Being obedient is easy when you like what the conditions are. I will obey when you tell me to eat donuts. Or drink coffee. Or sleep early. I will obey when you tell me to go to the beach. Or stay home. Or not to bring a car. But when we are asked to do things that we DON’T want to do, then obedience becomes all the more real. Will I still obey if I am told to bring my family on mission to Africa for 5 years? Will I obey when I am told not to speak / relate to a person for my own good? Will I obey when I am told to do something I may not agree with… but my leaders know it is for the best?


Just like obeying our Father. We easily do the easy stuff. Going to Mass on Sundays (well, some people find that hard), going to confession once in a while, being courteous and kind to old people. But when He askes us for the difficult stuff – like following the dictates of our faith. Then it becomes difficult. The Catholic faith isn’t a sari-sari store. You cannot choose to love Mother Mary, and then support contraception, abortion and sex education for minors. You can’t go to Mass and be a lector one day, and then verbally attack priests and bishops the next day. You have to embrace the whole faith, and strive to live it out. And how do we learn the faith? BY STUDYING IT. Just because your lolo was Catholic, does not mean you know everything about what it means to be Catholic. Just because you are physically present at the Mass, doesn’t mean you are wholly participating in the Sacrifice of the Mass. We have to work on our faith. And learn. And understand.


It takes YEARS to be a lawyer, doctor, etc. So you can speak with knowledge and authority. Why wouldn’t our faith and beliefs deserve that same amount of attention?


When we obey, understand and live out – then we can really be used by God with our whole lives. And that is what I am striving for. Use me! And I WILL obey.


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