My own agenda.

Day 9



AM Day 9 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 9 of 40 Days with Job


My own agenda. A few nights ago I got to thinking if I am pushing my own agenda in the work that I do. Am I still focused on the vision of the community? Or am I pushing my own idea of what I see? I see how people can get drunk on their own vision of things – and then any kind of correction is seen as an attack. Now that’s when you know that you aren’t in it for the bigger vision. You are in it for your own plans and desires.


But thank God we can fall back to our Covenant, and the reason why we are here. And thank God even more for being just and righteous, to give us another chance. And that’s also why I know I am here not for myself, but for the community. I, just like many of us, was given a second chance to do things right. And who would mess that up?


This is God’s agenda. I am just using my will and pushiness to make sure it happens. His way.


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  1. Nice one Xavy. Thought-provoking.
    Perhaps the grace is being able to discern when it is time to let God take over. But until then, it’s our will against the world. 😉

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