Never forsaken.

Day 6


AM Day 6 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 6 of 40 Days with Job

God provides. He proves this to me time and time again. Especially now, that me and my family have moved out of the “ancestral” home and are living by ourselves. There are just those days when you feel you don’t have enough money. Or you foresee a shortfall in the immediate future. But God always provides, and He provides on time – in His time. And I am awed again and again on how He takes care of those who serve Him. He will always provide for us. From the most complex to the simplest. If it is what He wants for us. Because sometimes we just want things because we are selfish. So don’t worry. God provides!

Never forsaken. God will (and is) take care of us. Why can’t we realize that? Why do we doubt and worry? Every other living thing on earth is taken cared of, so why not us? We will never be forsaken. We do undergo suffering, but that is to strengthen us and to cling more to Him. I had a hectic day yesterday. A meeting early in the morning, no-meat-starving-day, visit at a hospital, meeting again in the evening. And sometimes you just get so physically tired (maybe also because of not eating meat), that you wonder “Why am I doing all these things?” But everything is for a bigger purpose, and we will not be forsaken nor forgotten.

I have another full day today, but there are also times when you have to choose family over certain meetings. We, too, need to “not-forsake” our own families.

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