Keep doing good.

Day 5



AM Day 5 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 5 of 40 Days with Job


Love your neighbor. Over the past days, I have been meeting people who have connections to other people in the village where we live. It has been so interesting! Their sister, mother, friend, or even themselves – one time or another – have been or lived here. We haven’t been so neighborly yet. We haven’t gone to any homeowners meeting, or haven’t socialized much with the people here. We say “hello” to our immediate neighbors, but we do not know them by name yet. My kids already have friends, though. They meet up almost everyday to hang out and play. Am I being loving? Not really. We need to open up our lives more to the people we live with – even if they are across the hall. And the same way with people everywhere. Everyone is our neighbor, so we must always relate in love. Always. And that is a great reminder to me this Thursday morning.


Keep doing good. If I think about all the bad people out there who are successful and rich, all I get is a headache. Going to Congress and seeing all those high-end cars with “8” plates just gives me a migraine. When will we have good politicians who serve without getting kick-backs? I will keep doing good. And keep speaking the truth. Even if it doesn’t make me a billionaire (so freaking bad). And I will keep praying for those who are doing the opposite.


Today was a day of pro-life meetings as well. And these were last-minute pop-up meetings. But God is generous. The morning meeting provided a home-cooked Italian lunch. SO YUM. And the evening one let me try Jap-OK for the first time. Tomorrow, yet another pro-life meeting. Surprise me, Lord!


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