The bigger picture.

Day 4



AM Day 4 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 4 of 40 Days with Job


Avoiding sin. Ok I am guilty. I just wrote a “venting email” and now, after reading the reflection on Day 4, I am re-evaluating pressing the “Send” button. Is it malicious in speech? Does it promote my self-interest? Am I being selfish? Or is it for the betterment of community, people, myself? Will it wake us all up, or just cause more confusion. Which brings me to another question. When should we keep quiet, so we don’t rock the boat? I believe that as long as you have an opinion (that is researched, formed well, and aligned to your morals and values), then go ahead and say it. But be prepared to defend it as well; and maybe even admit you are wrong, when proven so. Time to re-evaluate and see if I am being selfish.


The bigger picture. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Why we suffer, why certain things happen. We easily get angry and blame people (even God), and are distracted from bigger realities. But there is ALWAYS a bigger plan. Maybe we know what that plan is, but most of the time it gets revealed to us as we go along.


I commuted all the way to Taft today. I took the MRT and the LRT. I was so distracted with my BB that I went down at the UN Station instead of the Vito Cruz Station. I crossed Taft a number of times before realizing my mistake. So I went back to the LRT and went to Vito Cruz. Suffice to say, I was late for my meeting and ended up waiting. And then went back to the office. Was it a waste of time? I could get angry, sure. But I a also sure there is a bigger plan in all of this – even this simple as a missed meeting. Multiply that thousands of times, and even the biggest mistakes can show a bigger plan.


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