Day 3



AM Day 3 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 3 of 40 Days with Job


Right disposition of the heart. I have a confession. I have not yet decided my fast for Lent. Even before Lent, I was already cutting down soda and rice. I have stopped Tweeting and making Facebook status updates. Maybe I’ll give up colored drinks altogether (takes a sip of coffee). This Lent is going to be difficult, I already know it. It’s no excuse, though. I knew Lent was coming, but I didn’t dispose my heart early enough. And now, I am running after the right emotional state that I should be in. I am working double time. I do not want to be left behind, just because I like the taste of coffee, or because the food set before me is good with rice. I need to have the right disposition, and I need to do it now.


And that applies to our lives and service as well. We always need to have the right disposition. We can’t let ourselves, even for a moment, slip. Because everything will slide down along with us. And it will be so difficult to climb back up to where we are supposed to be. Decided. (spills coffee down the drain)


Priorities. I attended the Congress session today. The RH Bill could be brought to a vote anytime, and so the pro-life volunteers go and fill up the gallery, while the pro-RH are picked up, fed and given per diem for their troubles. But it is still sad that there are people who don’t see going to Congress to show indignation as a priority. When will we realize that this bill, if passed, will affect us all? And that we have to show our support for those who are battling it! Just like the calamities in the Bible that lead people to conversion, will we wait for the RH Bill to pass and wait to see the terrible effects on society before we are moved to act?


I left Congress starving. I was starving, I mean… though you can say that Congress is starving as well. Starving for the truth. But I left hungry. And I realize that when you physically feel empty, then your judgment gets affected. The pro-RH Congresspeople are hungry for truth, but they don’t know the real truth that is standing right in front of them… so they get distracted by false truths that dangle money, trips and perks in front of them.


Keep fighting.


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