I am crazy.


AM Day 2 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 2 of 40 Days with Job


Choice. Choose life! This is the battle-cry of the Philippines now. As the RH Bill debate goes on and on. As Catholics sadly choose death over life. It should be as simple as following the Church and the teachings of Christ. Choose life! It is that simple. But we pretend to promote “choice” instead of life. “Choice” to kill? “Choice” to stop life? “Choice” to dirty the minds of the young? Those aren’t choices. And this debate forces us to look at ourselves and live better lives. It makes us die to ourselves in order to promote the truth. How else can you describe it when people attack you left and right? Just because you are speaking the truth. Choosing life means dying to self. And that is a wonderful paradox. Only when we die to ourselves do we see the fullness and majesty of life.


Infidelities. Yes, we have made mistakes. And yes, we can still make mistakes. But now we have been given the chance to do everything the right way. I think all of us are called crazy by people we know. Just like how prophets are called crazy when they say they hear God. Or how the disciples were called crazy when they proclaimed Christ as Savior. Or us now, as we spread the love of God to everyone – we are called crazy! But it really is a crazy thing we are doing. Going against billions of dollars to promote family and life. Going against liberal sari-sari store Catholics to show how it is to be truly Catholic. We ARE crazy! And it is a good thing. We are in the world, but not of the world. We will not be around here for long, and we need to live our lives the best we can, so we can earn our place in eternity.


I am crazy. I love my life! I love the obstacles and the problems. I love the things we do. I love how we know what is important and what is right. I love how we can stand up and proclaim the truth without being scared. And I love the chance I get everyday to be a missionary. And that makes me crazy.


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