40 Days with Frank. Day 1.

DAY 1 (First Sunday of Lent)



AM Day 1 of 40 Days of Lamentations

PM Day 1 of 40 Days with Job

Chapter 1 of A Covenant with God

Chapter 1 of Servant Leadership


This was supposed to start on Ash Wednesday, but I didn’t have my books with me (I was on mission in Isabela). So I am starting it 3 days late. I’ll include Sundays so I can catch up (the 40 Days of Lamentations doesn’t include Sundays in its 40 day count – it’s the Sabbath!). And I missed the first Saturday yesterday, so I am including A Covenant with God.


A Call to Repentance. This is actually quite real to me now, in a simple way. Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting and abstinence. I got the abstinence part, yes. But the fasting part was especially difficult. I was on mission, and could not say no to the generosity of people who were feeding us at the forums we went to. Maybe I should have been more firm, but their insistence (and the way they showed their love) was too much. So instead of one full meal, we had quite a number of medium sized meals during the day. No meat, though. But looking back on that Wednesday, and seeing how this is the season of repentance and sacrifice, we should have done more acts of charity after. It is not too late though.


Redemptive Suffering. Why do natural disasters happen? It is not right to just take it as it is. There are reasons beyond our natural understanding. Maybe redemptive suffering? Maybe to bring us even closer to Him? But redemptive suffering need not be due to a disaster of such magnitude. It can be in the simple things like a difficult co-worker or health issues. We just need to look beyond.


Servant leadership. When am I not being true to who I am? I got this excerpt from the book.

  • When we serve God with a personal hidden agenda.
  • When we look to power and position.
  • When we look to being glorified and applauded.
  • When we look to being recognized and thanked for our work.
  • When we do not submit to those over us.
  • When we refuse an assignment simply because we do not like it or have another preference.
  • When we look to comfort and convenience, or are limited by comfort zones.
  • When we fail to give our all, without counting the cost.
  • When we insist on our own way, contrary to what is right.
  • When we are unable to let an insult pass.
  • When we nurse our hurts.
  • When we fail to forgive.

Wow. I think one time or another we fall into all mentioned above. And some are continuously part of our lives. But we need to strive through them, and be the servant leader we are called to be.


Covenant. When I decided to become a Missionary, I gave my whole life. I made a covenant with God with my life. And I have to remind myself to keep that covenant everyday. Even in the simple things. And when I start to see myself falling into the traps (above), then I know I have to work even harder. Lest I get another dose of redemptive suffering.


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