Anti-RH Bill? Go Blue Ribbons!

I am currently in Isabela, going around High Schools with the Live Pure Movement. We have spoken to about 10,000 youth from 7 huge schools already. And still there are more schools to go before we end this leg of the trip. One thing that stands out is that NO ONE IS FOR THE RH BILL. You wonder where these RH Bill advocates get their figures and fake support. Crazy.

I will post pictures soon – the schedule is hectic and tiring but all worth it. Even sacrificing time with the wife and kids, so near the coming of my third kid. But this is for them. And the lives being touched, and the stories we hear…. amazing.

People want the choice to live pure. And they want to hear that it IS POSSIBLE. Isabela, thank you. Philippines, watch out. We’re coming!

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