Marching orders from Pope Benedict XVI to the Pinoys

Our Philippine Bishops went to the Vatican recently for their ad Limina visit (all Bishops have to visit the Vatican once every 5 years, and they all go per country. The Philippine Bishops were divided into 3 groups).  They get a group audience, and an individual audience as well. I don’t think they record the individual audience – so you’ll have to ask your Bishop what Pope Benedict XVI told them… but they now have YouTube in the Vatican, so we know excerpt of what the Pope told them in their group audiences.

You can say these were Pope Benedict XVI’s marching orders for the Bishops of our country. So let’s hear what he said, and let’s move accordingly. This is what we, as Catholic Pinoys, should be fighting for in the next 5 years. It was deemed as important by the leader of the Catholic Church. And so we obey. Here are the videos from The Vatican and Rome Reports. And after them, is my wrap up.

So what should we be doing?

  1. Tell people (and show them through our example) to rely on God! It is the only way to rediscover the true destiny mankind.
  2. Keep the vitality of the Church.
  3. Showcase and strengthen the commitment of small lay movements and ecclesial communities.
  4. Evangelization!
  5. Strengthen and teach young christian families on the indissolubility of marriage.
  6. Promote the call to priesthood and consecrated life.
  7. Defend life from conception to natural death.
  8. Preserve the integrity of marriage and the family.
  9. Continue to be against the death penalty.
  10. Be in favor of (and use) social communications.
  11. Help the poor.
  12. Denounce corruption.
  13. Make sure people have appropriate catechesis.
  14. Care for families, and protect families against those who want to tear it apart or diminish it’s role.
  15. Strengthen the continuous formation of priests.

And what do you know. We do all that in CFC FFL. We are behind you 100% Pope Benedict XVI! You can count on us. 🙂

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