Everyone has a CHOICE.

I came across a blog saying that the Church is archaic in its thinking in regards to the RH Bill. And then it goes on to say that the poor lack choices. And that a wife has no choice when “raped” by her drunk husband. Let me quote it: “Also, some women do not even have the choice to have sex or not. Or the privilege of knowing what it entails. We’ve heard it before: drunk husbands coming home angry and excited, or young women having sex without any awareness of the consequences because they lack the education.”

I think it is wrong on so many levels.

Even the poor have a choice. It is not fair to say that only rich people have choices, and the poor do not. The drunk husband can choose not to drink. And the adolescent can choose not to have sex. Giving them condoms is telling them it is ok to be drunk and have sex. Or be a teen and have sex. Should we just give them condoms and pills because we don’t want to make the effort of teaching them values and morals? Are we going to be animals when it comes to giving in to lust?

Instead of giving away condoms, we need to educate them on what is right and what is wrong. And we need to tell them the effects of the choices they make. It will take a LOT MORE effort. And passionate, moral people to do so.

And another thing, the Church is right to speak out the way it did in that homily. There are far too few priests who speak out like that because of the effect they think it will have on the people. But if they spoke out like that from before, then the RH Bill wouldn’t even be an issue today.

The Church is also not archaic. It IS 2,000 years old, and that may make you think it is old and disconnected, but it isn’t. There are so much more young people in the Church today bringing new vibrancy. But YES, Catholicism has very simple teachings. But living them out is difficult. And that, in itself, is a choice we make everyday. Rich or poor.


  1. Thank you Kuya Xavy for helping me out. 🙂 Because of that post (the one I posted in the Cool Catholics page), and because of your reply, I became more “fired up” in my conviction against the bill. Thank you. 🙂

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