The Adjustment Bureau and Amazon

I am a fan of Matt Damon. Ever since Good Will Hunting, Matt can do no wrong for me. But this movie cut it a bit close. It should have decided if it was a love story or an action flick. Because it went 50% on both. It could have been an awesome action flick with all the sci-fi elements in it. Or it could have been a tear-jerker of a love story with flashbacks of family and what-not.

But it tried to weave together both, and it didn’t weave it all too well. It is actually reminiscent of Jumper. A good concept, and an ok movie… but could have been better. And to think it was my first night out to watch a movie in a loooo…ooooo….ooooong time. Like I said, though, Matt can do no wrong.

When we got home, the night just got much better for me. Because my Amazon package was waiting for me on the dining table. Awesome.

If that was part of the Chairman’s plan, then I’m all for this plan 🙂

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