Importing Blogger into WordPress

In my continuing burst of Obsessive-Compulsiveness, I am trying to put all my blogs into one place. First I merged the xavyniceday and pro-life Blogspot blogs that I have (I exported the pro-life blog, and then imported it into xavyniceday). And my other 2 anonymous blogs, I merged into one as well.

And then I decided to import my xavyniceday Blogspot into WordPress! And it was so easy. Go to Tools, and Import. And it Imports the whole blog for you. And so, they are ALMOST all here. Once I decide to put in the anonymous stuff, too, then that will have everything.

I also had some stuff on MobileMe, but all that is gone. And I had stuff on Xanga a loooong time ago. But that’s gone too. My Multiply stuff is gone as well. Why do I even bother with all this? Well, no one likes talking into thin air. And with blogging, you can convince yourself that someone out there is actually reading.

I am sure, when my kids start reading and going online, that this too will disappear.

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