Finally, Inception.

A dream within a dream within a dream. I think that would be the worst thing. If you were having such a bad dream, woke up, and realized you were still dreaming. That would be terrible.

Kids went to their grandmothers. Wife was sleeping. And that gave me time to finally watch Inception. Nice ambience, too. Since it was raining and there was the sound of cars buzzing in the background. Very apt for the movie.

So, was it all a dream? Or did he finally get to go back to reality?

Is that really the point? He did get to tie up all the loose ends in his life. And that gave him the strength to go back to his kids and see their faces. He was unburdened of the guilt that he felt from his wife’s death. So whether the spinning top continued to spin, or if it stopped, is not really the point of the movie. It is making amends with your past, accepting yourself and moving on.

It is up to you to decide if he was released from his fantastic dream world – where he was the center of everything. Or if he continues to be dreaming, and chooses to remain stuck in his fantasy. I lean towards the latter. It’s human nature.

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