The Evil Plastic

When things are used the wrong way, it causes disaster.

Plastic bags used for grocery shopping can end up in canals and block waterways. Leading to floods and major disasters. But it could be controlled if you just cut down on using plastic bags! Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery. It just takes a little effort, and it goes a long way.

Credit Cards can drown you in debt! If you just swipe, swipe, swipe without being aware of it. I know of a lot of people who don’t own credit cards. They just pay everything in cash. And if they have no cash, then they don’t buy. I am working towards that. Not there yet, but on the way. Be financially responsible!

Silicone! Oh gosh. Why do people imbed plastic in their bodies? In their faces, breasts and all other parts of their body. If plastic can clog waterways, then don’t they know that plastic can clog up their bodies as well? We should just accept ourselves the way we look. We were made this way! Don’t be insecure because of what other people say you should look like. And the funny thing about this, is when you die and your body turns into dust… the plastic will stay behind and pollute the ground – just as it is polluting your body.

Condoms, the killer of our emotions, psyche, bodies and conscience. What else can do that all at once? The condom gives everyone free reign to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it – without thinking of consequences. Without being responsible for their actions. But that act of putting on a condom kills our emotions – because we give in to carnal desires instead of controlling the. Kills our psyche because we end up believing that we are what we feel – and if we don’t give ourselves, then we are not loved. Kills our bodies because just like any other foreign object put inside our bodies, it has side effects. Kills our conscience because every time we do things without thinking of the consequences or taking stock of the responsibilities that come along with it – we become less and less in touch with the truth.

I don’t doubt that there are good uses for plastic. But these mentioned are just some ways we can make something that should be helping our lives – into something that just pushes closer and closer to death.

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