Strong God

I don’t have pictures from the weekend, so I am putting up pics of my kids. Aida, my Mac (or AiPad); and the kids (below) praying before eating their toy meal. They are manifestations of my Strong God in my life. It’s as simple as that.

And during the weekend, that was affirmed in so many ways. I went to the World Singles Congress on Thursday to give a recollection to the Service Team. Never compromise – one of the stronger points of the recollection. Especially when it comes to what we believe in.

During the weekend, I gave a workshop on the Theology of the Body. It always refreshes me when I talk about TOB. It reminds me of what is important, and how special we all are as sons and daughters of God. We all need those reminders as we go along life.

The whole weekend was one manifestation after another of our Strong God. And the beauty of it, was that God didn’t need elaborate things to show His strength. Just as He does in our lives. We don’t need fireworks in our lives to show God’s Strength (though sometimes that’s what we get), we can experience His Strength in the everyday things.

Like having a daughter who likes smiling with her Mac shirt on. Or having kids who pray before plastic meals.

My God is now OUR strength.


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