Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico

Bistro Filipino at Bonifacio Global City

Des and I went here today for her birthday lunch. We got a good deal from the Deal Grocer, and so the whole meal came at a discount. But wow, the food was filling and delicious. The food is Filipino food done in a classy way. I don’t really choose to eat Filipino food, especially since that’s what we eat at home all the time, but this was worth the trip. I got so full, even if the portions were not big portions, but they were really stomach filling. I am actually skipping dinner tonight. And the best part of this whole Deal Grocer thing, is that when we were done eating, all we did was walk out. No bill, nada!

Here are the dishes we had, Des:

Ubod Lumpia in a Cone

3 Kinds of Mango Salad

Salmon Fillet

Yema Balls

And me:

Crispy Molo

Adobo Cappuccino Soup

Crispy Pata

Molten Chocolate Cake

Time to check Deal Grocer again!

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