Live is evil spelled backwards

There are things which we know, and we never give a second thought. But when the chance for that second thought comes, then it makes a whole lot of difference.

How do we truly live? It’s a question that bugs the heck out of so many of us in this world. We get into extreme sports, go to far off places for breathtaking views, we try the weirdest and most stomach-turning food and flavors – all to experience how to truly live.

But are we satisfied? No. Each death defying stunt can always be topped by another. Until death is no longer defied. Each breathtaking view lasts a few minutes, and then we start looking for that can of Coke and bag of chips. Each stomach-turning flavor is replaced by something that challenges us even more. We are never satisfied. Because we are overlooking the obvious.

If we want to truly live, then we need to spell evil backwards. We need to turn our back on evil. And everything that can lead us to evil. And then we will TRULY LIVE. Could it be that simple? Yes, actually. It is that simple. And it’s been there in front of us all this time.

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