My ONLY Green Joke

I only have one green joke. I tell the joke once in a blue moon (when the need arises), and I always end up laughing my head off. Even if others don’t. 🙂

One morning… MONTHS AGO… the topic of Chico and Delamar on the radio was green jokes. And so I sent a SMS with my green joke. I didn’t get to hear the TOP 10 because I got to Starmall before that part aired. And I forgot about it.

Until today. Until I saw this.

My joke made it to number 3! And, now I am going to post it on my site. Why? So I can be proud of it, and so I can let the whole world know what it is, and I will never have to say it ever again.

Number 3 🙂 And to those who get offended by this post, sorry. This is also me purging the green-ness from my system.

Now you can laugh.

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