The Philippine Senate in 2013

Is it ever too early to start politicking? In Philippine politics, you HAVE to be in the news constantly. Or else people will forget about you. But, the following people will really start being in the news by the end of this year, all the way up to 2012 when they will have to file candidacies. I have this thing for politics, I love following how much they try to be in the news, and be popular and promise everything… only to do whatever they want once they get elected. And of course, we never learn 🙂

Here are those I think will make it to the Senate. 12 (and a bit more) out of the 100 who will run in 2013. And, in no particular order….

The re-electionists:

1. Alan Cayetano, who will join his sister Pia again in the Senate.

2. Chiz Escudero, who has to stay in the Senate if he wants to run in 2016. Though expect Mar Roxas to attack Chiz with all the power of Malacanang. They will be slugging it out in 2016, after all.

3. Trillanes (what is his first name again?) will fight the hardest to stay in the Senate. Especially since he got to sit only this year. Though his millions in travel expenses (while in detention?) may come back to haunt him.

4. Migs Zubiri. He barely made it in 2007. And Pimentel still has a case against him. So Zubiri will have to prove he really won the Senate race.

The come-backers:

5. Nene Pimentel – His son lost (so close!) in 2007. His daughter lost in 2010. So Pimentel has to save the family name. He isn’t too old, just look at Enrile.

6. Dick Gordon – He let his ego get the better of him when he ran for president just because his nephew JC ran. He should go back to the Senate. He did well there.

Those who will take another shot:

7. Bayani Fernando: BF gets it done! And with his fame from the national campaign, he can make it to the Senate for sure. Big dreams die hard, and his big Presidential dream is still around, I’m sure.

8. Neric Acosta. Try # 2. With Noynoy probably giving him a plum role come May 2011, he has all the time to get popular and prove himself. Let’s see if he will do the country good.

9. Ruffy Biazon. Same as above.

10. Risa Hontiveros. Same as above.

The relatives:

11. Cynthia Villar: I do believe the Villars still have plenty to offer the country. And with Manny reaching his term limit, I do hope Cynthia takes on the hard task of really bringing the country to economic progress.

12. Vilma Santos Recto: Do you really think she doesn’t want to go higher than Mayor Governor? She has more chances to be President than Ralph.

Those who will run and MAY have a chance: They have name recall, but their pasts are all tainted, so they will have to overcome that. Who knows, if they eat their pride enough to run under Noynoy, they can actually win. Or better yet, align with Binay 😉

13. Satur Ocampo

14. Liza Maza

15. Joey de Venecia

16. Mikey Arroyo

17. Teddy Casino

Keep your eyes peeeeeeeeled! 2013 is just around the corner 🙂

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